Dino Bernardi: Driving Business & Financial Growth Through Product & Digital Strategy

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Driving Business & Financial Growth
           Through Product & Digital Strategy
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Optimization & Business Intelligence

A Leader in consumer experience, A/B and multi-variate testing, increasing conversion, revenue per visitor, engagement and loyalty.

Product Strategy & Management

A consumer-centric focus creating products and managing teams in acccomplishing web-based, SaaS and enterprise applications.

Usability & Creative Design

Combining user experience and creative design to accomplish better experiences and monetization in e-commerce and lead generation .


Few of the awesome projects
I created or was part of

SaaS Application

Enterprise Application

Direct Response

e-Commerce &

Product Design,
Web Design & Marketing

Some of the companies I have been part of:
Experian | Stamps.com | LowerMyBills | ClassesUSA | USSearch | Intelius | Conversion Systems | Panavision | Panalux | CarsDirect | Internet Brands


About Me

I am a seasoned digital executive with extensive experience managing businesses. Over the years I have gained experience in all areas the business. This has enabled me to function and manage the whole business as well as focus in one special domain. I love data and metrics which is the basis of most of my decisions and solutions. In the absence of it I work with teams to collect necessary data. Yet having data is not enough, you need to know what KPI to monitor and apply the right methodology and only act on what is statistically significant. I have experties in areas of e-commerce, lead generation, product management, technology, business inteligence, marketing, optimization and operations.

However, my passion is in product management, creating user-centric and well performing products, and my strongest forté is in optimization and conversion, I have put together one of the earliest and best consumer experience teams increasing conversion and monetization for LowerMyBills later acquired by Experian, not only we were No.1 optimizers and trendsetters that most in the industry followed and copied but during the financial downturn my team and our efforts saved the company to stay afloat and continue to succeed.

I am a fast learner with experience in many veritcals including: automotive, financial, educational, people search, credit, identity protection, rental, retail, beauty, medical, shipping and postage. By applying observational and analytical skills and my over 25 years experience I have managed to improve businesses by strategizing, overseeing change management and implementation in order to achieve results.

Available and Authorized to work in USA, UK and EU.

Always happy to discuss opportunities.

Interested in opportunities in London, New York, Los Angeles or Stokholm.



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